Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review – Pros and Cons

This Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review is inspired by the fact that the said product has now managed to become one of the bestselling pet provisions in the industry. It boasts a recipe that is completely free of artificial preservatives and additives. It uses rosemary to preserve the product. Another quality of the product is how it has evolved into an all organic food.

Review on Evolution

The Blue Buffalo Company has first formulated its brand of dog food based on American Nutrition standards. It used several artificial chemicals to preserve its product. But soon after, it was placed in a dire situation when one of its products tested positive for melamine contamination. Studies showed that the chemical preservatives were major contributors in the contamination. The event prompted the company to issue a nationwide recall on its contaminated product. The company then focused its attention on research and development of ways to product a pet provision without the use of synthetic chemicals and preservatives. They arrived at the discovery of rosemary as an organic preservative. That discovery marked the birth of the first 100% organic canine food.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review on Pros

The primary advantage of feeding your canine the Blue Buffalo Dog Food is its ingredients. It is made up entirely of organic ingredients aimed at helping your dog live a long, healthy and active life. It contains dried and fat-drained meals of fish, chicken and turkey. Other ingredients are whole barley, sweet potatoes and brown rice. The product also comes in different variations with each variety tailor fit for a specific type of dogs. It has for instance a formula particularly made for canines that have allergic reactions to regular types of dog provision.

Blue Buffalo Dog Food Review on Cons

The primary disadvantage of the Blue Buffalo Dog Food is its high price tag. It is significantly more expensive than your average brand of pet provision. Many consumers remain reluctant to switch to the all-natural product because of the added costs they will need to shoulder.

Review on Controversies

Protein and Vitamin D are the primary essentials contained in the product. But recently, several consumers have claimed that the product has too much Vitamin D it becomes hazardous to pets. The FDA however has disclaimed all allegations. The FDA says that canines only need a few days to adjust to the increases dosage of Vitamin D after which any symptoms will disappear.

All This Because of a Dog! A Book Review of Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

India Opal Buloni went to the store to buy a box of macaroni and cheese, rice, and two tomatoes. But she never expected to come back with a new dog that would change her life. Find out what things happened to her in Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo.

Because of Winn-Dixie, there was a big ruckus in the store. Employees were running around, waving their arms. The store manager was screaming mad. And then a big, ugly, scraggly dog came running around the corner.

“He skidded to a stop and smiled right at me. I had never before in my life seen a dog smile, but that is what he did. He pulled back his lips and showed me all his teeth.”

Before you know it, India said it was her dog. She couldn’t help herself. She didn’t want it to go to the pound.

She named him Winn-Dixie, after the store they were in. Then the two of them walked home.

India and her father, the preacher, had just moved to town, so she had no friends. Because of Winn-Dixie, she met Miss Franny Block at the library and got to listen to her story about the bear.

Because of Winn-Dixie, she ended up working in the pet shop, where she met Otis. He had a knack for playing the guitar real pretty, and all the animals would stop to listen.

Because of that dog, she ended up in the yard of the neighborhood witch, Gloria Dump. She told her everything about her life and how she was feeling, and Gloria Dump had a special way to make her feel all better.

Because of Winn-Dixie, she ended up next to pinch-faced Amanda Wilkinson. Both of them found out about an old candy that tasted sweet and sad at the same time.

And because of that dog, the party that India planned with Gloria Dump, which they decorated for, and made egg salad sandwiches for, and invited everyone to, was almost ruined. But it wasn’t Winn-Dixie’s fault. Not really, anyway. Because can it be your fault if what you did was just part of your character, and not something you were trying to do?

Kids will enjoy the way India and her dog make friends and enemies in the town, and the way things come together to make surprises all around. Children who love animals, or dogs especially, will be able to relate to the special bond you have with a pet, especially when you are feeling lonely and friendless.

Kate DiCamillo won a Newberry Honor Medal for this charming tale of simple values and the kinds of things that kids think about. Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo is a book that will make you and your dog smile.